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December 2, 2019

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December 18, 2019



With a laundry list of events to choose from, finding multiple outfits to accommodate all of them is not an easy feat. 


Here is my little trick: 


One outfit (yes ... one!) no matter what colour you choose, can be worn to multiple functions by playing up the accessories you already own (or borrow). That my friends, is one of the best advice I can offer you. 


Here are some of my favourites: (since it is the holiday season let’s use a red dress as an example)


OFFICE CHIC - Who says that a professional look means a boring look?


Pair up that red dress with a plain black blazer accessorized with  black handbag and black shoes. Don’t forget to fun it up with accessories! 


HOLIDAY GET-TOGETHER WITH THE GANG - Play up this look with what you already have laying around your closet, or make it fun and raid your mom’s or bff’s closets to save money! Who knows, you might find a vintage treasure to add to your look.


Try a denim or black jacket over the red dress, fun leggings (I would personally opt for metallic silver or gold), add a thick belt *I just had a flashback of Peggy Bundy

Be creative with foot wear there are no rules as to what kind of shoes you are allowed to wear.

Want to be a little extra just because you can? Finish off the look with a hat of your choice. 


GLAM TO IMPRESS- Remember, when it comes to glam, simple is the way to go. Have a gorgeous pair of stilettos that hardly see the light of day because it’s a work of art, or stunning bling that cost you a small fortune? This is your chance to take them out and show them off, but keep everything else minimal.


Pull out that red dress again and keep warm with a faux fur coat, glam it up with some beautiful diamond earrings, necklace and bracelet if that is your statement piece, or if you decide you want your shoes to be the centre of attention then go minimal on the accessories.Remember simple is always better. 


By playing with the accessories you already own, there is so much you can do without spending hundreds of dollars to buy new outfits that will only get worn once. 


Try this out, have some fun and don't limit yourself, use what you already own or do a closet swap with your friends and build multiple fabulous outfits.


Need some help? check out my styling programs here or contact me at


Until Next Time, 

Sending You Much Love, 

Melanie K. xox 













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