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What you can expect from Style Me Mel this month: 

Melanie Kristoffersson

Time slots for one on one image consulting is filling up, so I will be

conducting more virtual sessions that will be available to everyone whether

we are neighbours or living on the opposite end of the world; also, you will

have my unlimited attention via email so don't be afraid to reach out!

Special of the month

This month Style Me Mel is featuring a special jewelry drop in the boutique.

Wooden Jewelry by Melissa Duong.

Melissa's story

Based in Vancouver British Columbia Canada, Melissa is multi-talented. She

has been in the apparel industry over 40 years (and counting). She is a

skilled seamstress who can make anything from basic totes to the most

complex wedding gowns. Though as talented as Melissa is in her sewing

skills, she has found a passion in jewelry making and is brilliant at it.

What is even more inspiring is that Melissa is working on her jewelry

collections whilst suffering with Rheumatoid Arthritis, which as you can

imagine makes jewelry making extremely painful; but, expressed that she finds calmness and loves every moment of making these amazing jewelry.

Melissa’s wood jewelry includes bracelets, necklaces and some special

Chinese New Year pieces that are one of a kind.

We hope you enjoy her craft as much as we do!

This is all for now until the next Spill.

We’d love to hear from you!

If you know someone special who is amazing at their craft whether clothing,

accessories, beauty products or any handmade goods, we would love to give them a shout out! Maybe even feature them in our boutique!

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