Welcome back to Style Me Mel .

I am happy to be back with a new vision for SMM. 

In light of the Black Lives Matter movement, I am summarizing this introduction explaining why Style Me Mel exists because it has a lot to do with my personal truth as well as ethnicity, and I feel that although it is relevant, it should not replace the importance of why black lives MUST matter.  

initially, Style Me Mel was created based on my love of personal styling. After deep heart work and reflection, SMM has gone through (and continues to go through) some changes. No matter what, for me to live more authentically, I am insisting that my personal core values be instilled within the Style Me Mel brand. 

Using Style Me Mel as a platform to give love, kindness, compassion and transparency is important.

I don’t care if you are in elementary school or retired; this space is meant to be safe and accepting for all women. 

Although there will be discussions of what’s new in the fashion world (as that is part of my job). I need to stress that Style Me Mel is NOT solely about fashion, trends and fads. It’s about YOU. 

I Melanie Kristoffersson am committed to help you design your personal style that will lead you to your best self. My ultimate goal (no matter what your life journey has been thus far) is to make sure that you love and cherish who you are because YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! 

One more thing to add to the changes is that everything in the SMM boutique is made (or repurposed) with love in Canada, and every piece is relevant and has a story behind it. 

I am so exited to take this wonderful journey with you! 

*You are the designer of your life; so live freely, love passionately and dream infinitely*


Melanie K. xox 




The time has finally come for us to unveil our fun and mazing non-medical grade face mask.

There are so many reasons why we love our masks. Here is our top 3:

1. They are hand made with love in British Columbia Canada using 100% cotton from fabric rolls we have used in sampling and previous collections (NO WASTE!)

2. They are reusable and can be machine wash and dry! 

3. There is a malleable nose piece that allows for comfort and is amazing for glasses wearer as it prevents fogging! 

The best part is that every mask sold will result in another mask being donated to those who are more vulnerable in the community.